"Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative." ~ Mordecai Wyatt Johnson

Lynn Kay Kennels welcomes our newest litter.  
Please feel free to call for information on upcoming litters

Newest Litter - Elsa & Jackson
Combination (7) Boys & (3) Females
Born on February 1st - Ready to go home first week of April
The following are puppies were born on Feb 1st and ready to be placed in a home that will be ready to go home around 1st week of April.  Please check back with us or email for updates on what is still available in this current litter and future litters.  We always have someone that pulls out at the last minute so anyone of these that are listed sold in current litter could still be available.  See picures of parents below for this litter. Individual puppy pictures will be a few weeks since I like to wait till they are older.  

Mother's Name: Elsa 2.5 yrs old (Black & White Lanseer)
Father's Name: Jackson 4 yrs old (Black)

(3) Solid Balck Females - (3) Available 
(1) Solid Black Male - (1) Available
(2) Black Males with White Chest - Available
(4) Black & White Landseer Males - (3) SOLD (1)  Available 

**Still taking deposits for anyone that passes on this current litter on Feb 1st and also on Jan 17th**
Next litter expected to be born in March.  

Mother - Elsa 2.5 yrs old
(Black & White Lanseer)

Elsa is a very young 2.5 year old all Black & White Landseer female weighing about 110 lbs.  She is very laid back and easy going. Basically she is very lazy and hard to get pictures because she always wants to lay down.  She is just a little sweetie that enjoys life.  

Father - Jackson 4 yrs old
(Solid Black Male)

Jackson is 4 year old all black male weighing about 150 lbs.  He is very easy going, laid back guy who likes to welcome everyone to the house.  He loves his crackers and moring kisses.  He adores all the girls and thinks they all belong to him.  He is one of our "special" babies that will never leave this house.  

Entire Litter

Pictures of the entire litter. 

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